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Researches and patients will be able to look at how their at how their sugar levels differ from work days to weekends currently !

Also all will be able to run this Calendar backwards into history to see those days. From one year back to fifty years back! 1776 is a leap year.

A simple Excel macro will be able to sort by days or month or years that can be run by all users.

Businesses could also run the calendar backwards to anaylize selling days in history to more closely to make advertising work better, financial results by days.

Other Benefits.

   1. The reason I had for starting on Monday is that all around the world, everybody starts work on MONDAY!

   2. Also all around the world payments for debt start on the first of the month. This means that before a 15 day grace period could fall on the weekend, depriving someone of one or two days grace period to make that payment. With this calendar the 15th days is Monday.

   3. Rent could be averaged over three months to make them even.

$   4. finical quarters world always the same number of days, except for New Years.

   5. Sports teams could more evenly set their schedules.

   6. Events could set their day and date permanently.

   6. Should be good for the banking industry.

   7. Workers get more paid holidays, fewer weekend holidays.
   No more 4th of July on the weekend.

   8. Weddings will always fall on the same day of the week.
might want to plan ahead.

   9. Calendar makers might want to print a few 2024 calendars.

   9. Birthdays will always fall on the same day of the week.

   9. This also means that the Holidays and most other national days in most countries will fall during the week, giving all workers that extra paid day off.

   10. Had a few more, but it's late. If anyone thinks of a few more benefits, use our privacy page.

   11. Days in a month will have the same set of numbers


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